Thursday, 12 September 2013

My Thomas Hardy storytelling show at Nottingham Central Library

Performing my one man version of Thomas Hardy's creepiest, most gothic love story BARBARA OF THE HOUSE OF GREBE at Nottingham Central Library on October 2nd at 19.00, tickets a mere £2. I performed this back in February as the first half of my Hardy show, IN PASSION'S SHADOW, at Chilwell Arts Theatre - but here I'm presenting it as a stand alone show. Have just been rehearsing - the dread, as a storyteller who doesn't work from a written script but from a series of memorised improvisations, is that when you haven't done a particular story for a few months, you'll have forgotten it all. But first rehearsal I had a go at a full run without checking the original Hardy text and most of it, miraculously, was still there. A check-over of the Hardy story supplemented the few gaps and I think I'm ready to go... after another few rehearsals. Anyone who's going to be in or around Nottingham that evening ought to check it out!

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