Thursday, 6 March 2014

21st Century Poe returns to Edinburgh Fringe

After my successful run at last year's Edinburgh Fringe with 21st Century Poe, my three radically updated, and very Glaswegian, updates of classic Edgar Allan Poe horror stories, I'm returning this year to my old haunt, The Vault at Paradise Green, to present a whole new Poe show 21st Century Poe: Moyamensing. It's on from 4 - 17 August (with a day off on the 11th; 17.45 each day, performance 1 hour). What on earth does 'Moyamensing' mean, I hear you ask? Well, it was a prison in Philadelphia into which Poe was thrown for being drunk and disorderly, one night during the last few weeks of his life. While imprisoned therein, he experienced hallucinations as strange as anything in his fiction - hallucinations later recounted in detail to a friend. In my play, Poe recounts those strange and terrifying adventures, that single night locked in Moyamensing prison becoming a metaphor for his whole tragic life. It's going to be quite a show. I'll obviously update when tickets become available. Meanwhile, here's a rough poster image...

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