Friday, 3 April 2015

VAMPIRES IN THE VAULT - my 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show

Starting to prepare my storytelling show for this year's Edinburgh Fringe. Again, it's at the Vault @ Paradise Green, where I performed my 21st. Century Poe shows at the last couple of Fringes. The show is ALREADY BOOKING at Edfringe Website H E R E ! ! !

This year, I'm doing, as the title makes fairly obvious, two vampire stories, alternating them between Saturday 8th and Sat 15th August, 17.55 every day.

On Saturday 8, Monday 10, Wednesday 12, Friday 14 August, I'm performing THE GORBALS VAMPIRE  in which I use the true story of how some kids on Glasgow's south side got the idea that there was a vampire with steel teeth haunting Glasgow's Southern Necropolis - using this as the leaping off point for a very gritty horror story of innocence lost.

Then on Sunday 9, Tuesday 11, Thursday 13 and Saturday 15 August, I'm performing BLOOD AND STONE: LULLABY FOR A VAMPIRE COUNTESS, in which I use another real life 'vampire' story as a leaping off point for a dark fictional drama. The real life story in this case is the infamous one of Elizabeth Bathory, the 17th century Hungarian bloody Countess, who bathed in human blood to maintain her beauty. The true story ended with the Countess being sealed up within a room in her castle. My story imagines a sequel to this true story... In which someone is seemingly naive enough to let the Countess out!

I'm also performing BLOOD & STONE at Lee Rosy's in Nottingham on April 30 (Walpurgisnacht!) and at Belper Arts Festival on May 23rd. My audio drama version, nominated for a 2012 Rondo Award, is available from the Wireless Theatre Company website HERE

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