Sunday, 21 April 2013

Doctor Who; The Lurkers At Sunlight's Edge

My Doctor Who audio drama still available from Big Finish, featuring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and essentially confronting the Doctor with a thinly disguised version of H.P Lovecraft and his nightmarish cosmos/mythos. Hear Ace embrace C.P Doveday as he shifts and slides in and out of monstrous extraterrestrial form: a spiky, slimy business. One day as a kid, living in the Glasgow suburb of Newton Mearns, I discovered the Lovecraft universe in one of the old US Skywald horror magazines and convinced all my little playmates that the entrance to the underground realm of the Shoggoths lay in a great broken end of water pipe feeding into the local burn: I stuck my arm in there, then screamed and pulled the arm out, a great bite mark conspicuous on the flesh (of course I'd already discreetly bit my own hand while my friends weren't looking). My own dramatic, if indirect, contribution to the Cthulu mythos was inevitable from that day on. Here's the Big Finish link:

Also available via Amazon. Here's their Marty Ross page:

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