Thursday, 18 April 2013

Heart Shaped Hole notes

One of my not-quite-schoolfriends once hacked another human being to pieces. Back in my PE class, we seemed to spend a lot of time sitting around the changing room and not doing PE (strikes?). There were two tough guys in the class - guy called Haughey was one. I actually liked him - his very Glasgow patter was genuinely funny and I'd sit quietly over the other side of the room noting his verbal panache with a writer's attention. But next to him there'd be Young-y, Gordon Young, a little imp of a guy who hardly spoke, who stared at existence with a kind of psychopathic malice that wouldn't even allow him to exchange a word with the world around him. Years later, I heard that he and a bunch of other guys had chased a promising student up a back alley in Busby and hacked him into pieces (with a machete?): it was a big case in the Scottish papers at the time. (What happened to him?) Heart-Shaped Hole 'hero' must be a sort of combination of Haughey and Young-y - the patter of one, the sheer hateful focus of the other.

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