Friday, 31 May 2013

Seconf bash at poster & Ligeia rehearsal

Going to post here latest draft of poster - plus I DID IT! A complete run through of LIGEIA - THIS IS (NOT) A LOVE SONG... very rough around edges, needing a whole world of polishing, but I got through it from one end to another - and, fundamentally, I think it works. Now achieved at least a rough working version of all three stories, giving myself a whole two months to refine and polish (except that FALLING FOR THE USHERS & TELL TALE HEART premiere on stage in a month and half's time at the Solo Festival in London, July 13th & 14th). The old Scots storytellers said all you needed was a good sense of the story's outline and all the images running in your head in the right order, like a silent movie... and the rest could be worked out in performance. Well, I've got that far already. Phew!

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