Monday, 3 June 2013

Ligeia - thrashing and bashing

Run through of Ligeia today - plot and images are all there, but ragged around edges so need to clarify and focus some aspects.

Problems with Ligeia after first record. Darker motivations for coming to Britain than getting her photo in the NME or chatting with Noel Edmonds on Multi Coloured Swap Shop. The angel of Death had come for her that night with a British accent, his wings straight off the insignia of the Royal Air Force. Coming to Britain meant going all the way in her dark romance with Death: teasing it, flirting with it, yet keeping herself forever clear of its grasp. And this game was hard on her: hence the need for the drugs.

You killed me... - Her face like a mask, a hard beautiful mask, like Medea's. Greek tragedy. The ghosts need blood to bring them back to life. Prefigure? Swabbing her veins with cotton wool, she jokes about this??? Death... that British accent... I should have known... I came here to flirt with death. That death was you, Johnny.

Ghosts need spilled blood to come back for revenge.

She has songs to sing.

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