Thursday, 6 June 2013

Don't Tell (Tale) The Neighbours

Another full run of Heart Shaped Hole today. It's probably the most physically demanding of the three stories, yet somehow - at this stage - the easiest to perform. The main character is so manic and crazy and juiced up and in-your-face that I just sort of jump on the back of his energy and it carries me right along. As opposed to Ligeia which, thus far, I'm finding the most emotionally troubling: on the runs of that so far, I've had the slight feeling of playing silly buggers with my own sanity. But I really got into Heart today: funny, because it's such a sunny afternoon, there was a constant stream of middle English suburbanites past the window of the room where I was rehearsing: nobody obviously looked in, yet hard to belief they didn't hear me thumping out a heartbeat on my bodhran drum and screaming things like "I have no heart!" Maybe I'm developing a reputation as "that crazy Scottish guy down the street" even as we speak.

But it's in good shape. I seem to be ahead of schedule, rehearsal-wise.

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