Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Just updating the blog with some details of what I'll be up to over the next few months. First of all, I'm involved with writing another epic audio drama production for Amazon Audible, who commissioned my epic love story ROMEO & JUDE last year (via Wireless Theatre Company). More on that later (hint, hint) - don't want to give too much away while still only about a third of the way through a first draft. 

But in terms of storytelling performance, the Halloween month of October is going to be very busy. On October 11th. I'm performing as one of a series of Scottish storytellers in the show IN THE DARK. This will be performed live at Glasgow's glorious Britannia Panopticon Music Hall and recorded there for Halloween transmission on BBC Radio Scotland. The live performance is 'invitation only', but is I think free: check BBC Scotland for more info nearer the time.

Then, the very next night, October 12th, at the very same Victorian music hall, I'm performing my solo show THE GORBALS VAMPIRE, which sold out at this year's Glasgow Southside Fringe. The show is inspired by Glasgow's urban legend of an iron toothed vampire haunting the city's Southern Necropolis. More details on the background to that show are available elsewhere on this blog, i.e: HERE....

And here's the link for the Britannia Panopticon's website, which has ticket details -

Then on Halloween weekend itself I'm performing The Gorbals Vampire at my old haunt of the No.28 arts centre in Belper, Derbyshire: that's on Sunday 30 October. 

That's a change of date, because the show I WAS going to be doing on the Sunday has been shifted to the SATURDAY...

SO... on Saturday 29 October, I'm performing old favourite 21st CENTURY POE: FALLING FOR THE USHERS, which I've performed to great acclaim just about everywhere except where I'm performing it this October: at my regular performing base of CAT: Chilwell Arts Theatre. 

And by the end of this year, there should be something BIG coming from Amazon Audible (big as several dinosaurs, hint hint!)

W A T C H   T H I S   S P A C E ! ! !

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