Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Gorbals Vampire returns to Glasgow - Britannia Panopticon October 12th!!!

Just gearing up for the epic month of spooky storytelling which  the Halloween month of October will inevitably usher in. I'll be performing two nights running at Glasgow's Britannia Panopticon music hall on October 11th & 12th. On the 11th. I'm performing as part of BBC Radio Scotland's IN THE DARK show, which will be recorded for Halloween broadcast. And then on October 12th. there's THIS....

A dramatic storytelling show by Marty Ross.

12th October 7pm at Britannia Panopticon, 113 – 117 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HD.
Venue contact: 0141 553 0840 / info@britanniapanopticon.org

Tickets £8 / Concession £6

To Book Tickets, here's the link... http://tickets-scotland.com/events.html?event_method=viewevent&event_id=574466b5-6b9d-11e6-b2cc-22000b75ede9

Ghoulish and gallus... Gothic and grotesque and blood-glugging... gaun yirsel' – spend an evening with Glasgow's very own Gorbals Vampire!

Glasgow's very own vampire legend comes to disturbing dramatic life in this unique performance by master storyteller and playwright Marty Ross at Glasgow's most atmospheric and historic performing space ... just the thing to get Glasgow in the mood for Halloween, after sell-out success at this year's Southside Fringe.

It was in the 1950s that kids in Glasgow's Gorbals became convinced that the Southern Necropolis was haunted by an iron toothed vampire with a taste for children. Mass hysteria erupted among both young and old, kids embarking nightly on vampire hunts, wooden stakes in hand, while panicked adults called the police and demanded a ban on the US horror comics perceived  - erroneously, modern historians believe - to be responsible: much more authentically local traditions were involved.

But this true story ended rather anti-climatically: there doesn't,
disappointingly, seem to have been a real vampire in the graveyard.
But Marty Ross' drama asks: what if? What if there actually was a
"something" there, very ancient and strange and terrible? And what if one vampire mad boy found himself in the vampire's clutches?

Thus the Gorbals gets its very own full blown Gothic horror myth, a story aspiring to do for Glasgow's south side what Dracula did for
Transylvania, what the Phantom did for the Paris Opera, as a
disturbing tale is spun of innocence lost and - possibly – regained.
This won't be Glasgow's only Gorbals Vampire show this Halloween, but Ross' show came first (premiering at 2015 Edinburgh Fringe) and is a very different vampiric beast -- an edgy, under-your-skin, in-your-face, full-blooded modern horror story, extreme and grotesque even in its humour.

Those who have attended Ross' previous dramatic storytelling
performances, whether at the Edinburgh or Southside Fringes, at the Britannia Panopticon or the London Horror Festival, or at any of his other regular venues, will know that storytelling with Ross is far removed from the comfy chair Jackanory clichés of this oldest, yet suddenly newest, of theatrical forms. Rather his style is boldly
theatrical and expressionistic - and finds an ideal venue in the rough and ready grandeur of Glasgow's grand old Victorian music hall. How can you resist the spell of this very Glaswegian vampire?

“Marty Ross has mastered this art of storytelling...” TVBomb,
Edinburgh Fringe 2015

“Ross is a master craftsman who never turns down the pressure,
painting vile pictures and weaving a grotesque spell... Trainspotting
meets Gothic horror” Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe 2013

“Ross has a great aptitude for suspense and terror, and he hurls
himself into his tale with energy and passion, in words which ring
with the native Glasgow rhythm.” The Scotsman. Edfringe 2013.

MARTY ROSS is a playwright and storyteller with a long track record in radio and audio drama, particularly for the BBC, for whom he has written drama ranging from the Radio 4 series The Darker Side Of The Border to the popular serials Ghost Zone and Catch My Breath to one-off dramas such as Rough Magick, My Blue Piano, Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, The Dead Of Fenwick Moor and Moyamensing: Scenes From The Life, Death & Dreams of Edgar Allan Poe. He has also written two Doctor Who audio dramas and an award-nominated Dark Shadows drama. He has also written drama for the Wireless Theatre Company, including two
plays commissioned by, and performed at, the Buxton Festival, Redder Than Roses and The Woman On The Bridge. This year has seen the release of his most acclaimed production yet, Romeo And Jude, an epic love story for Amazon Audible featuring Owen Teale (Game of Thrones) and Nick Moran (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels) He also performs widely as a live storyteller in venues great and small ranging across Britain and Ireland.

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