Wednesday, 17 July 2013

21st Century Poe at Solo Fest 2013

Well, had try-out of two out of three 21st CENTURY POE stories at the Solo Fest in London this weekend. AND? Well, fundamentally both Falling For The Ushers and Heart Shaped Hole work before an audience. One audience member described Ushers as 'epic', said I could almost have been playing to 2,000 people. Learned basic technical stuff: I don't need to thump my bodhran drum for sound effects when the house of the Ushers falls - it's too loud and audience can't hear what I'm saying. Less is more - just create the effect through word and gesture. Having to watch where to position myself in terms of having my few props within easy reach at the crucial moments. Making sure the single chair isn't so heaped with props I can't sit on it! Black box theatre was a real sweatbox in the weekend's London temperatures: by the end of Heart Shaped Hole I looked like I'd been playing the lead role in The Creature From The Black Lagoon. But Stanley is a sweaty character.... But both stories are basically ready for Edinburgh in two and a bit weeks. Now need to spend rest of week giving finishing touches to Ligeia....

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