Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Redder Than Roses at Buxton Festival

Meanwhile, my play Redder Than Roses - A Glimpse Of Mary, Queen Of Scots premiered at the Buxton Festival on Saturday - alas, I couldn't make it as I was stuck in London doing 21st Century Poe at the Solo Fest that day. But the Wireless Theatre Company folk seem to have had a great time and to have got a substantial and responsive audience in the lovely Derbyshire town. I'm looking forward to hearing the finished result when it's released in audio drama form. Will post link when it becomes available. Meanwhile, my previous play for Mariele & co. about a passionate aristocrat in a castle popped up again on my computer yesterday... BLOOD AND STONE, my gothic horror play about Elizabeth Bathory, the Hungarian 'Bloody Countess' aka the real life 'Countess Dracula'.... check it out here...

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